All over London.

I was all over London yesterday.

First I had a meeting near Leicester Square, it was about a temp job. It went well, found out today I got the job. So now I have work for at least 2 weeks.

After the meeting I decided I wanted to go to Kensington so I walked to Embankment to take the tube. In High Street Kensington I went to the shop where I used to work, it is so weird being there, it has changed so much, and none of my former co-workers is there anymore.

I also went to H&M to see if I could find any bargains there, but I had no luck this time.Then I walked up to Notting Hill Gate and had a look around there before I took the tube back to Camden.

I decided to walk home from Camden and treated myself to a parmesan pretzel from Mr. Pretzel, it was so tasty.

Back home it was time for chinese take away and Big Bang Theory, surprise surprise.

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