Good old days!

Jeg fant frem Blackberry’n min, som jeg kjøpte i 2010 og brukte helt til jeg flyttet til Vancouver i 2016.

Her var det masse interessante bilder.

I found my Blackberry, that I bought in 2010 and used until I moved to Vancouver in 2016.

I discoverer a lot of interesting photos.

Norwegian mansion, the house i lived in as a student. It had 2 living rooms!IMG00033-20120618-1049


I stocked up on Norwegian ice coffee and some other goods.IMG01971-20150517-0846


I wish I had bought this sweater.IMG00911-20130524-1536

Love is all around.IMG01022-20130730-1813IMG01028-20130806-1733

Cute figure.IMG01032-20130808-1613

I discovered Converse shoes.IMG01172-20131005-1759IMG01174-20131005-1803

I met Ron Pope!IMG00270-20120220-2306

And Jessie Cave!IMG02023-20150702-1930

Got a hair cut in 2012.IMG00196-20110920-1555

Elm street is in London.IMG00215-20120912-1452

Spider web.IMG00263-20121010-1004

Played Mario.IMG00509-20130212-1701

The Gherkin, my favourite building.IMG00783-20130410-1600

I still want this picture on my wall.IMG00854-20130513-1306

Went to Bookworn, Jessie Caves show.IMG00082-20120718-1935

I need this top.IMG00073-20120714-1628

What was I wearing?IMG00043-20120619-2154


Decorate your basket.IMG01495-20140814-1337

That one time it snowed in London.IMG00389-20130121-1154

Lived in Dallas (road).IMG01315-20140605-2003

Dinosaur in the park.IMG01343-20140622-1814

Did some baking, here cinnamon buns.IMG01671-20141214-2136

And scandi Lussekatter.IMG01672-20141216-2226

Bought gifts.IMG01464-20140805-1817

Lego dress.IMG01903-20150411-1525

Got a Catbug!IMG02184-20160201-2111

Spent alot of time in Leytonstone, and even moved there.IMG02305-20160810-1645IMG02222-20160223-1313IMG02221-20160223-1313

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