Day 21

Day 21 – Found Nemi at a comic book shop in Camden.


All over London.

I was all over London yesterday.

First I had a meeting near Leicester Square, it was about a temp job. It went well, found out today I got the job. So now I have work for at least 2 weeks.

After the meeting I decided I wanted to go to Kensington so I walked to Embankment to take the tube. In High Street Kensington I went to the shop where I used to work, it is so weird being there, it has changed so much, and none of my former co-workers is there anymore.

I also went to H&M to see if I could find any bargains there, but I had no luck this time.Then I walked up to Notting Hill Gate and had a look around there before I took the tube back to Camden.

I decided to walk home from Camden and treated myself to a parmesan pretzel from Mr. Pretzel, it was so tasty.

Back home it was time for chinese take away and Big Bang Theory, surprise surprise.

Today I

-started applying for jobs
-watched Confessions of a shopaholic
-did some laundry
-had pasta for dinner
-went to see a play at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden
-had a coffee and walked home

The play I saw is called “There’s no place like home” and it’s about Elizabeth and Neil, a normal married couple, it’s just that Neil has just died.So they have to figure out how this new situation works. It was playing at the Ecetetera Theatre, a small charming theatre just above The Oxford Arms pub in Camden.

My morning.

I havent been working for over a week now and getting really bored so today I have spent some time looking for and applying to jobs. Since the summer I have been temping with an agency but it doesn’t look like they have any projects for me right now and I also want something more interesting and long term.

This evening I am planning on going to se a play in a theatre in Camden Town, walked past there yesterday, saw a poster and it looked fun.

My day in Camden.

I managed to get out a little earlier today, think it was around 2pm. I can’t seem to leave the house before that time when I am not working.

I treated myself to a mocha from Bean About Town in Kentish Town and walked down to Camden Town to look around a bit.

I need a cover for my new Samsung tablet so went into a few stores but couldn’t find any, probably sold out. I also need a new digital camera so I went to PC World to see if I could decide on a camera but think I will stick to a Canon Ixus. I had an Ixus before and I tend to buy the same brands as I am used to.
Would be really nice to have a camera again so I can take better photos than I can with the phone camera. My last digital camera broke over 2 years ago when I dropped it on the floor. So it is about time.

London tur.

Har vært på en liten miniferie i London, kom hjem igår/natt.

Var litt rart å være tilbake, ble litt nostalgisk denne turen.
Bodde på samme herberge jeg var i 3uker da jeg først flyttet dit i 2004, og var så mye som var forandret.
De har pusset opp noen rom og de holder på å pusse opp et oppholdsrom nå, det var nye folk som jobber der, andre gjester, drinkene var ikke det samme.

Satt å tenkte på hvor morsomt jeg hadde det da og begynte å tenke på at istedenfor å bare lengte til jeg skal flytte til London til sommeren så burde jeg glede meg over det jeg har nå, klassen,skolen,Bergen, istedet for å savne det når denne tiden er over.

Ble endel shopping i London, litt flaut å innrømme at jeg tilbringte veldig mye tid i Oxford Street (og rakk derfor ikke alt jeg hadde tenkt å gjøre som f.eks Borough Market), men det var litt koselig der nå som de har pyntet med lys og det er et Julemarked like ved Marble Arch der Salvation Army spilte julesanger.

Jeg tydde også til Oxford Street da jeg måtte kjøpe flate sko for smarte meg hadde bare et par sko med litt hæler og føttene mine protesterte veldig.

Tilbringte flere timer på Primark (føltes sånn hvertfall) der jeg fikk kjøpt en stor pose med klær for 43pund.
Kjøpte også en kjempe stilig veske på River Island.

Brunswick Center

Cafe i Camden Stables Market

Stables Market


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