(Not ) Working.

The job search are not going so well so it looks like I might have to pack my suitcase and head back to Norway for a few weeks of work.

The pay there are so much better than here in London and it seems like they always need temp workers at grocery stores. At least they did when I was home for Christmas.

I am not going back for good, I like London to much, but as I experienced, you need money to be here or maybe I am just weak, to many temptations. Frappuchinos at Starbucks, that new dress I been looking at for weeks or some proper new shoes when the ones bought at Primark fall apart.

I can probably get a few weeks work where I was working end of January, but thats not until next month, so until then I should try to earn and save as much as I can in Norway.


After my interview last week they told me they would let me know if I got the job next week. Since it’s now a new week I have started waiting and check my email every 5 minutes. If I get a new mail my heart skips a beat but it is always just another offer from an airline or the bookstore. Yes I want that new book and I want to travel but first I need a job so I can pay for it!

I am also waiting to hear back from all the applications I sent, hoping to get an interview. Even if the last interview (the first one in ages) didn’t go to well, because at least now I know what to expect and it will go better next time. And I really enjoyed dressing up.

So now I am just waiting and waiting…

All over London.

I was all over London yesterday.

First I had a meeting near Leicester Square, it was about a temp job. It went well, found out today I got the job. So now I have work for at least 2 weeks.

After the meeting I decided I wanted to go to Kensington so I walked to Embankment to take the tube. In High Street Kensington I went to the shop where I used to work, it is so weird being there, it has changed so much, and none of my former co-workers is there anymore.

I also went to H&M to see if I could find any bargains there, but I had no luck this time.Then I walked up to Notting Hill Gate and had a look around there before I took the tube back to Camden.

I decided to walk home from Camden and treated myself to a parmesan pretzel from Mr. Pretzel, it was so tasty.

Back home it was time for chinese take away and Big Bang Theory, surprise surprise.

Today I

-started applying for jobs
-watched Confessions of a shopaholic
-did some laundry
-had pasta for dinner
-went to see a play at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden
-had a coffee and walked home

The play I saw is called “There’s no place like home” and it’s about Elizabeth and Neil, a normal married couple, it’s just that Neil has just died.So they have to figure out how this new situation works. It was playing at the Ecetetera Theatre, a small charming theatre just above The Oxford Arms pub in Camden.

New Years Resolutions.

At the start of a new year people always talk about new years resolutions.
Many want to quit smoking or exercise more. 

This is what I want:

Get a job where I can practise what I have studied and speak and develop my English.
Work towards getting a place on my own.
Travel more. New York, Paris, Iceland are places I would like to visit. I would also like to see more of England.
Take more photos.
Start saving up some money.

A friend of mine posted this  on facebook and I thinking of trying it.

Job advice.

Never ever work for City Centre recruitment!

I have tried to get my salary from them for weeks now.
Every week they find another excuses for why they can’t.
First they needed my ID, ok fair enough.
I was out of town so I sent them a copy of my bank ID and I was told it was ok and I would get my payments the next friday.

Friday came but no money so I sent my contact person an email and when I got no answer (appearently he was away on vacation, lucky him) his colleague told me they needed another form of ID so I sent them a photo of my passport, again I was told it was ok and I would be paid in my account the next friday.
I was not.

I am now told I need to come into the office in London with my passport and I will get my payment in cheque.

Wonder what excuses they will use tomorrow.