Back in Norway.

I am now back in my hometown, Hamar. The travel yesterday went well and today I have just relaxed and I also went for a walk. When I woke up today I had an e-mail from Adecco asking if I could work. Unfortunatly I saw the request to late, but later in the evening I got a request for tomorrow and I am now booked for a 10 hour shift. Feels so good being able to earn a decent salary again.

Now it’s time for The Voice Norway.

(Not ) Working.

The job search are not going so well so it looks like I might have to pack my suitcase and head back to Norway for a few weeks of work.

The pay there are so much better than here in London and it seems like they always need temp workers at grocery stores. At least they did when I was home for Christmas.

I am not going back for good, I like London to much, but as I experienced, you need money to be here or maybe I am just weak, to many temptations. Frappuchinos at Starbucks, that new dress I been looking at for weeks or some proper new shoes when the ones bought at Primark fall apart.

I can probably get a few weeks work where I was working end of January, but thats not until next month, so until then I should try to earn and save as much as I can in Norway.

Origin – Celine Engelstad

I have wanted this necklace a long time and I discovered today that they have made one for Hedmark, the county I am from in Norway.
So I’m hoping that when I get back to London I will get a real job so I can save up some money and buy it.

Origin Hedmark

Christmas feeling in Norway.

I have arrived back in my hometown in Norway for a Christmas/work holiday.  I had a meeting with Adecco about temp work in grocery stores and less than an hour after the meeting I had a 3 day assignment. Hoping to work as much as possible when I am here so I can relax a bit when I get back to London.

The Christmas feeling is strong already as it have been snowing everyday and it is nice and white, hopefully it will stay until after Christmas.


I am shocked after hearing about the bombing and shooting that happened in Norway friday. My prayers thoughts and prayers goes out to all the victims and their families.
I can not understand how anyone could do a thing like this.

Earlier today I lit a candle for the victims.