Snowing in London.

I think I brought the snow back from Norway because it started snowing the day after I got back and it is snowing today also.
It looks so white and beautiful.
I put out some food for the birds but the only visitor I had so far is a squirrel.

Tried out the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy.


I am back in London and I am not missing the snow because it started snowing here!
Spent the morning trying to set up my new Galaxy tablet, managed to tap the wrong country (Chile) in the app store so I had to redo it and finally managed to get it right so I could download some apps. Will try to add some books to it so I could do some reading on the tube.

Have a few things to do today, look for a new digital camera, grocery shopping and laundry before I can relax this evening when I am meeting a friend of mine at the Green Note in Camden Town.


It’s stopped snowing but we still have a lot of snow and it’s really beautiful outside. After a few days eating chocolate and watching films I feel it is time to spend some time outside and enjoy the wonderful weather.

I tried out my dads new Galaxy Tab and took this photo from our balcony.

Christmas feeling in Norway.

I have arrived back in my hometown in Norway for a Christmas/work holiday.  I had a meeting with Adecco about temp work in grocery stores and less than an hour after the meeting I had a 3 day assignment. Hoping to work as much as possible when I am here so I can relax a bit when I get back to London.

The Christmas feeling is strong already as it have been snowing everyday and it is nice and white, hopefully it will stay until after Christmas.